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Our Mission

To advance and promote optimal nursing care for people affected by pain

Our Goals

The goals of ASPMN, Northern California Chapter, are outcome-oriented statements that represent what will constitute the organization’s future success, and are as follows:

Access to Quality Care:

All people will have access to healthcare services that provide quality pain management care as define in core values.

Public Awareness:

The public will demonstrate self-advocacy skills essential to their pain care needs.

Professional Resources:

Members will have instant, easy and affordable access to current best practices & evidence-based resources.

All healthcare professionals and their patients will benefit from pain management education.

Professional Recognition:

Nurses certified in pain management will be respected, valued and compensated for their expertise as an integrated and indispensable member of the healthcare team.

Big Audacious Goal:

The overarching goal of ASPMN representing the organization’s vision for future success is: to be the leader whose preeminent voice and unparalleled resources catalyze the integration of pain management nursing in all aspects of healthcare.


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